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Local News For Lansing, MI

  1. The Russian collusion story is a reminder of why media should 'wait and see'  Washington Examiner
  2. Trump Says 'Game Over,' but Winter Is Coming  The Daily Beast
  3. Trump lashes out from Mar-a-Lago after release of Mueller report  CBS News
  4. Romney says Mueller report left him ‘sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection’  Fox News
  5. Mueller Helped Trump Keep His Most Important Secrets  The Atlantic
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  1. The terrorist killer of Lyra McKee will likely be caught quickly  Washington Examiner
  2. 2 Men Arrested in Killing of Lyra McKee, Northern Ireland Journalist  The New York Times
  3. Lyra McKee: 29-year-old journalist shot and killed in Derry  Guardian News
  4. Journalist Lyra McKee shot dead in Londonderry, Northern Ireland  NBC News
  5. Woman, 29, dies after shots fired during unrest in Creggan  Belfast Telegraph
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  1. The False Claim Sanders Made About Comey and the F.B.I.  The New York Times
  2. Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands by 'sentiment' of misleading comments revealed in Mueller report  POLITICO
  3. George Stephanopoulos presses Sarah Sanders on Mueller report, culture of lying at White House  Fox News
  4. Sarah Sanders says there’s no culture of lying in the White House. Hey! No giggling!  Los Angeles Times
  5. The Mueller report isn’t just a legal document. It’s also the best book on the Trump White House so far.  The Washington Post
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  1. Opinion: Columbine survivor asks, 'What does it have to take?'  Steamboat Pilot & Today
  2. 20 years after Columbine, former Principal Frank DeAngelis is still learning how to move on  CNN
  3. On This Day: Columbine shooting leaves 13 dead  UPI News
  4. Columbine shooting survivors reflect 20 years later  CBS Evening News
  5. How Utahns reacted to Columbine shooting 20 years ago and how it changed school safety
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  1. Mueller report shows Hope Hicks' struggle to persuade 'boss man' Trump  CNN
  2. How Sean Hannity aided the Trump Tower meeting clean-up effort  The Washington Post
  3. Why the Infamous Trump Tower Meeting Didn't Take Down Trump  Bloomberg
  4. The Mueller report shows Trump tried to run a country like a business - and America has to live with the consequences  The Independent
  5. Donald Trump’s Personality Is an Impeachable Offense  Slate
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  1. Before he was a candidate, Pete Buttigieg was voted 'most likely' to be president  ABC News
  2. Pete Buttigieg Fired South Bend’s Black Police Chief. It Still Stings.  The New York Times
  3. Pete Buttigieg On President Donald Trump: 'I'm Pretty Sure He Deserves To Be Impeached' | NBC News  NBC News
  4. The media's sudden flip to Pete Buttigieg and other commentary  New York Post
  5. Tucker Carlson: Beto O'Rourke's presidential campaign is already over. Maybe he should have had real ideas  Fox News
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  1. Parents who starved and shackled children sentenced to life  WWAY NewsChannel 3
  2. Turpin children read statements during sentencing of parents  Guardian News
  3. California 'house of horrors' parents sentenced to life in prison  Fox News
  4. The Turpins are sentenced to 25 years to life in prison after their children testify about years of torture  CNN
  5. The Latest: Lawyer: Shackled children want normal adulthoods  KAAL
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  1. Boy thrown from balcony at Mall of America showing signs of recovery  RochesterFirst
  2. Child who plunged from Mall of America balcony showing "real signs of recovery"  CBS News
  3. 5-year-old boy thrown off Mall of America balcony showing 'real signs of recovery'  CNN
  4. Boy thrown from Mall of America balcony making 'small steps' toward healing  Boston 25 News
  5. Boy thrown from Mall of America balcony showing signs of recovery  WQOW TV News 18
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  1. Man Charged in Racist Threats Against Cory Booker and Rashida Tlaib  The New York Times
  2. Florida man charged with making threats against Democratic lawmakers  CNN
  3. Florida man left profane, racist, sexist, threatening voicemail for Booker, Rashida Tlaib, feds say
  4. Florida man arrested over violent threats against Swalwell, Booker, Tlaib  POLITICO
  5. Florida man arrested for leaving threatening, racist and homophobic messages for members of Congress  New York Daily News
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  1. Working in legal marijuana industry could keep immigrants from becoming citizens  NBC News
  2. New USCIS guidance says immigrants can be denied citizenship for smoking legal marijuana  ThinkProgress
  3. US says immigrants can be denied citizenship over marijuana ties. Even in states where it's legal  CNN
  4. Marijuana Use Could Bar Immigrants from Citizenship, Feds Say  U.S. News & World Report
  5. U.S. authorities: Marijuana involvement imperils citizenship
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  1. US authorities arrest former Marine in raid of North Korean embassy in Spain | TheHill  The Hill
  2. N Korea embassy raid in Madrid: 'US Marine arrested'  BBC News
  3. U.S. arrests former Marine connected to North Korea embassy raid in Spain  Reuters
  4. U.S. authorities make first arrest in mysterious raid of North Korea’s Embassy in Spain  The Washington Post
  5. Feds arrest man in connection with a February raid on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid  CNN
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  1. Trump gave South Korean president message for Kim Jong Un  Washington Examiner
  2. North Korea’s New Strategy: Be Passive-Aggressive  The Wall Street Journal
  3. Mike Pompeo says he remains Trump's top negotiator despite N. Korea's call to replace him  USA TODAY
  4. What must the leaders of Russia, China, North Korea be thinking? | TheHill  The Hill
  5. On China and North Korea, let Trump be Trump | TheHill  The Hill
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  1. US bitcoin trader could face death penalty over Thai 'seastead'  CNN
  2. U.S.-Thai pair facing death for 'sea home' should fight the charge: Thailand says  Reuters
  3. Bitcoin trader facing death penalty after Thai navy boards cabin of fugitive 'seasteaders'  NBC News
  4. American bitcoin trader and his girlfriend may face death penalty over Thailand 'sea home'  The Independent
  5. American Bitcoin investor posts 'proof' that micro-nation home he built in sea is not in Thai waters  Daily Mail
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  1. A Guide to Our Notre-Dame Fire Coverage  The New York Times
  2. Notre Dame rector says 'computer glitch' likely started cathedral fire  New York Post
  3. Notre Dame Cathedral bees survive devastating fire: ‘Our Lady’s bees are still alive’  Fox News
  4. The Notre Dame fire offers a crucial lesson for Europe — and Africa  The Washington Post
  5. Notre Dame fire’s billionaire donors attacked - ‘The PUBLIC will pay!’
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What is 420 Day? Why is 4/20 national weed day? What does it mean, where does it come from and is marijuana legal?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Entrepreneurs everywhere are eyeing the billion-dollar legal weed industry, an economic opportunity unrivaled in modern N.J. history.

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  1. Breaking Down The Streaming Wars: The Market Guide  Seeking Alpha
  2. Where Will Netflix Be in 5 Years?  The Motley Fool
  3. Disney movies will still come to Netflix after Disney+ launch  What's on Netflix
  4. Cast and creators of 'The Mandalorian' share details of new 'Star Wars' show  ABC News
  5. Disney+ Looks Ready to Take On Netflix  The Motley Fool
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  1. An engineer at Uber's self-driving-car unit warns that it's more like 'a science experiment' than a real car capable of driving itself  Business Insider
  2. Toyota leads $1B investment in Uber’s self-driving tech  Ars Technica
  3. Uber Recruits Some Rich Friends to Drive Its Autonomous Cars  WIRED
  4. Uber wins $1bn investment from Toyota, SoftBank fund
  5. Uber raises $1 billion for its self-driving unit  Axios
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  1. The Tech IPOs Delivering the Most for Investors  The Wall Street Journal
  2. Zoom's CEO emigrated from China 22 years ago and spoke little English — now he's worth almost $3 billion  CNBC
  3. Shares of Pinterest soar on first day of trading on New York Stock Exchange  CBS News
  4. Zoom IPO: Zoom's shares soared 54,000% -- for a very bad reason  CBS News
  5. Zoom and Pinterest IPOs Offer a Choice Between Reality and Dreams  Bloomberg
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  1. Let’s put a stop to this iPhone 11 ‘black-lens’ camera nonsense  BGR
  2. New iPhone 11 camera specs leak confirms Apple’s biggest 2019 upgrade  TrustedReviews
  3. Apple's Shocking New iPhone Design Suddenly Explained  Forbes
  4. People are saying Foxconn’s CEO just leaked the iPhone 11  BGR
  5. Apple's next iPhones could feature THREE rear-facing lenses and a host of new camera features  Daily Mail
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  1. YouTube apps on Fire TV, Prime Video on Chromecast and Android TV  PocketNow
  2. Listen to Amazon Music or YouTube Music For Free Through a Smart Speaker  Lifehacker
  3. Google and Amazon bury years-long spat, bring YouTube to Fire Stick  Daily Mail
  4. Google offers free YouTube Music for Google Home speakers  USA TODAY
  5. YouTube Returning To Amazon Fire TV, Prime Video To Google Chromecast
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  1. Samsung releases AR-based Quick Measure app that only works with the Galaxy S10 5G  Android Police
  2. Samsung Galaxy Fold review: broken dream  The Verge
  3. Samsung's Galaxy S10 camera gets a dedicated 'Night' mode  Engadget
  4. Galaxy Note 10: Rumors, price, release date, specs and everything else  CNET
  5. The inside of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is marvelously messy  The Verge
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  1. Here's why Galaxy Fold displays are already failing  Android Central
  2. Has the Samsung Galaxy Fold already failed?  iMore
  3. Samsung just proved why Apple's always late  ZDNet
  4. Samsung’s Review Phones Fail, Delivering a P.R. Nightmare  The New York Times
  5. Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Decently Designed Shows New Teardown  Wccftech
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  1. Adele and husband Simon Konecki separate  CBS News
  2. Adele and Husband Simon Konecki Split After More Than 7 Years Together
  3. Adele and husband, Simon Konecki, have separated: report  Fox News
  4. Adele separates from husband  CNN
  5. Adele announces split from husband Simon Konecki
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‘All in the Family,’ ‘Jeffersons’ rebooted  The Detroit News

Los Angeles – “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons” are coming back to TV, live and for one night only. Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tomei, Jamie Foxx and ...

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  1. Lil Dicky's Star-Studded Climate Change Song Is Proof We're All Doomed  VICE
  2. Lil Dicky - Earth (Official Music Video)  Lil Dicky
  3. Lil Dicky reveals how his all-star 'Earth' came together: 'The most important thing I'll ever do in my life'  Yahoo Entertainment
  4. Lil Dicky's New “Earth” Music Video Has Major Star Power | E! News  E! News
  5. Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Leonardo DiCaprio join Lil Dicky for Earth Day video  CBS News
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  1. Woodstock 50 Cancellation Fears Loom After Ticket On-Sale Postponed  Hollywood Reporter
  2. Michael Lang Calls Woodstock 50 Cancellation 'Rumors' After Ticket On-Sale Postponed  Billboard
  3. Woodstock 50 Festival Postpones Ticket On-Sale Date  Variety
  4. Woodstock 50 ticket sale postponed  WENY-TV
  5. Woodstock 50 organisers respond to rumours of festival cancellation  NME Live
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  1. Cokin's Corner, Friday 4/19/19
  2. 04/19/19 First Round, Gm5: Avalanche @ Flames  NHL
  3. Top seed Flames join Lightning as 1st-round flops  ESPN
  4. Avalanche win Game 5 to eliminate Flames  NHL
  5. NHL Stanley Cup playoffs best bets and prop predictions: Expect furious finish for Flames
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  1. ECQF Game #5 Review: Toronto Maple Leafs 2 vs. Boston Bruins 1  Maple Leafs Hot Stove
  2. NHL fans were livid at refs over what seemed like obvious no-call that burned the Bruins  For The Win
  3. Maple Leafs win Game 5 to take series lead  NHL
  4. Auston Matthews and Kasperi Kapanen score late as the Maple Leafs edge the Bruins 2-1
  5. The Bruins will need more will and skill to series to Game 7  The Boston Globe
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  1. Mariners act responsibly on a Friday night, take out the trash first  Lookout Landing
  2. Zack Cozart stars in hilarious, new comedy that everyone is talking about, “Groundhog Game”  Halos Heaven
  3. 4/19: Open Game Thread  Lookout Landing
  4. Mariners snap 6-game skid by winning crazy 11-10 slugfest in Anaheim  Seattle Times
  5. FOUR! Mariners tee off at Angel Stadium
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  1. Irving To Lead Celtics One Game Closer To Sweeping Pacers  Sportsbook Review
  2. NBA Playoffs scores, highlights, results: Westbrook leads OKC past Blazers; Celtics go up 3-0; Raptors beat Magic  CBS Sports
  3. NBA Playoffs best bets and prop predictions: Defensive intensity in Indiana
  4. The Pacers need to stop playing hero-ball without a hero  Indy Cornrows
  5. NBA Playoffs scores, highlights: Celtics go up 3-0 on Pacers; Raptors take 2-1 lead over Magic; Blazers battle OKC  CBS Sports
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New method to detect off-target effects of CRISPR

Since the CRISPR genome editing technology was invented in 2012, it has shown great promise to treat a number of intractable diseases. However, scientists ...

  1. Yes, there’s a full moon tonight, but it won’t be pink  BGR
  2. Pink Moon illuminates Denver’s skyline. No, it’s not actually pink.  The Denver Post
  3. Pink moon rises tonight: Will the moon be pink? How does it determine the date of Easter?
  4. Pink moon to illuminate Friday night’s sky  WGN TV Chicago
  5. April's Full Pink Moon to be visibile Friday night  WWLP-22News
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  1. ISS receives bumper Easter package of food and tools  E&T Magazine
  2. Second NASA Astronaut to Spend Nearly a Year in Space — For Science
  3. NASA Astronaut Sets Record for Longest Spaceflight by a Woman
  4. Nasa picture captures incredible beauty of UK - as seen from space  Yahoo News
  5. NASA's Twin Space Experiment Explained | WIRED  WIRED
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Cygnus supply ship delivers 3.8-ton cargo load to International Space Station  Spaceflight Now

The Cygnus spacecraft, christened the S.S. Roger Chaffee, is in the firm grasp of the space station's Canadian-built robotic arm Friday after arrival. Credit: David ...

View full coverage on Google News Attackers kill doctor at hospital in Congo's Ebola epicenter  ABC News

Attackers stormed a hospital at the epicenter of Congos Ebola outbreak and killed a dear colleague, the head of the World Health Organization said Friday as he ...

View full coverage on Google News Two-wave US flu season is now the longest in a decade  The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Three months ago, this flu season was shaping up to be short and mild in the U.S. But a surprising second viral wave has made it the ...

View full coverage on Google News Recall of blood pressure drug losartan expanded  KSTU FOX 13 Salt Lake City

If you take blood pressure medicine, you'll want to double-check your bottle. Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has expanded its recall of losartan potassium and ...

View full coverage on Google News Are you protected from measles? It may depend on when you were born  WCVB Boston

Adults who believed they were protected by the measles vaccine are among those who have been infected with the virus.

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