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I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am in a bad marriage and had given almost everything that I could was ready to give up on everything when your station weakly came in during a really bad storm God sent me the signal. I live in the middle of nowhere in Canada and we get barely any stations here. Now I listen to Smile FM on my cell phone. There aren't words in me to express how great full i am that God showed me your station. -Kincardine, ON

In 2009 Jason and I got married. We had 2 children, 1 Girl who is now 6 and a Boy who is now 3. Jason is a soldier in the army; he's been in 15 years now and has done 2 tours. A lot of bad things happened in our marriage. I was raised in a Christian home; he in a Roman Catholic home but was not practiced much. We have our kids in a Christian school, but yet adultery, lies, and hurtful things were committed. We were unequally yoked. I decided after 3 years of marriage it was time to just leave and we got a divorce in 2012. Through the last 2 years of being divorced I kept looking to find someone to fill this void I had. I didn't think I could be happy alone. One day I hit rock bottom. I decided to make the switch to Smile FM, so when I was home or in the car, or even at work I had SMILE FM on. It literally changed my life. Uplifted me so much and showed me that the void I was missing wasn't another person, it was God. I was suddenly filled with not only happiness but pure joy. I went in to talk to my pastor about getting baptized. While speaking with him about my life, my ex husband Jason came into conversation. He asked me if I thought maybe Jason would speak to him. To my surprise he did. I was not aware that Jason didn't think he deserved to be forgiven, and thought that God couldn't forgive him for things he has done while over seas, but I was overjoyed when I literally watched Jason repent and ask God for forgiveness. He then accepted Jesus as his personal savior. This Sunday Sept 21 after 2 years of divorce Jason and I will be getting baptized and Re-Married at the same time during our church service. -K. W. Gladwin, MI

Today was rough from the moment I got up and began getting ready for work. But in the car on the way to work I heard Revelation by Third Day and Overcomer by Mandisa. I was bawling as I pulled into the parking lot. It was just what I needed this morning. Thank you for being an instrument of God's blessing. -Linda, Midland, MI

Thank you for your wonderful station!
I recently lost both my parents and I find such comfort listening tp the music on Smile FM. Thank you for bringing me closer to God. The music is wonderful, inspiring, comforting and modern. PS-my parents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in heaven 10/2/13, they never had to be apart for their very special day. Keep up the good work, Best Regards, Nancy

Thank you !! Two years ago Thanksgiving my husband left me and our marriage of almost thirty years has since ended. These have been the most difficult years of my life. One of the first things that I did after he left was tune to Smile FM and I have been listening to your stations exclusively since then. I have enjoyed listening to the cheery morning banter and feeling like I am making new friends who care about the same things that I do. I even enjoy the chicken stories! The uplifting music has been so very important to me. I sometimes wonder what fellow travelers must think as I drive along sobbing because some word of comfort or encouragement that God has sent me through music. It is also been so helpful to hear, through song, that that others are struggling with the same sorrows and questions that I am. God has often sent, through your station, the song/message that I needed to hear at that moment. I am making a donation not only as a sign of my gratitude but so that Smile FM can continue to lift up Jesus to others who are suffering. Thank you so much for all that you do and all whom you r encourage! In Christ, Andrea

Dear Smile FM,

I have been a faithful partner with you for many years. Because of some health issues I missed the opportunity to give last year and I do apologize for that We lost our youngest son Joe, tow months ago to a gun shot. Without our faith in a God that never changes and family and friends and your encouragement through music and words we wouldn't have been able to begin the healing process. Thank you for all you do. Forever Grateful, Jan

Thanks Smile! Your songs and comments keep me going lately. Faith is needed for husband's job and paying our bills. Glad I have God in my life. Anonymous

Comments from our Facebook Friends

"God is using Smile FM in my life to let me know everyday that he loves me and that he is alwase here. I want to thank God for Smile FM for bringing Christian music to me all the time and for the awsome programing. The radio station is truly a gift from God!<<<ROGER saginaw Mi"

"SmileFM has been there with me through some very difficult times in my life. The music is a gentle reminder that our great God is with us throughout the week- not just when we worship him on Sunday mornings"


"THis is the only station I listen to. In my Jeep or home and even when I excerise. It lifts me when I need it and I love singing along! Thank you, Smile fm!Lisa Attica,MI"

"Smile FM is always on when I get in my car. I feel like some of the words to the songs speak to me just as I need them. They up lift me and remind me of what's important in this crazy life. Eva-Lapeer,MI"

"on the way to talke my 2 year old to the hospital to be admitted for dehydration from the Dr's office, I heard the 23rd psalm quoted. and I thought, "this is hardly the valley of the shadow of death. It might be the hardest thing I've done so far, but not the valley of the shadow of death." Changed my perspective, ended my pity party, and reminded me who was in charge. Andrea-Grand Blanc."

Dear Smile FM,

I wanted to thank you for your radio station.  My son 6 and daughter 4 listen to it while they sleep.  Our family only listens to SmileFM around the house and in the car.  It's wonderful to be confident we're not going to hear foul language or inappropriate commercials during your broadcasts.  My wife and I also appreciate the Christian values expressed in the quality music that you play.  We are recent Power Partners and are happy to support such a worthwhile cause. 

Sincerely, Jon K


Dear Smile FM Staff,


Thank you for your hard work and dedication to such an amazing ministry. You truly touch lives and help give hope to the hopeless. I don't know how I'd survive these bleak winter days cooped up in my house with two kids under two without your uplifting music floating through my home and penetrating our hearts!


May God continue to bless and work through you!


Sara  J


Dear Smile FM,


I love listening to your radio stations. I listen to 88.1 out of Williamston. WLGH is awesome. I get encouraged by the music. I am totally blind and stay home quite often. The music lifts me up.


Sorry I couldn't support you for the share-a-thon. The reason for this is because I don't have much money. I always keep your stations and staff in my prayers.


Yes, I do go to church at the Church of the Living Word in Ovid. It's an awesome church. God has been helping me in many ways. Also, I like listening to the Morning Espresso. Sometimes I listen to WEJC up by Claire that's because I go up north sometimes.


 Keep up the good work with your encouraging message.


Andrea O


Smile FM,


Please forgive me for getting this check to you so late. My husband had a heart attack (days before his 49th birthday) on Easter Sunday.

We're getting back on our feet (financially).


God bless,

Sue R



Smile Fm,


          This is a one-time gift for The Smile FM ministry. I listen on 89.7 - Flint I enjoy the “positive hits” on my way to and from work, which can be very stressful. The music keeps me focused on God, especially at this time in my life, as I am seeking God for a new home church.


Smile FM provides for the worship & great messages and comfort.


I pray for the ministry of Smile FM as often as I can


In Christ,

Sharon P


Dear Smile FM Staff,

Just a thank you for putting so much love and energy into your “job”. I truly enjoy listening not only to the music but also the sharing of your lives and experiences.


I am not currently going to a “regular” church, so my “church” is listening to Smile FM usually on the way to and from work. I have been taking a tithe from my paychecks, but without a regular church home, I have not been sure where to give my tithes. I have been praying about it not wanting to give where I think it should go, but to where God can use it most. You reach so many peoples and give hope and encouragement through song, scripture, and real life.


So I thank you and I know that this money will put a smile on many a face and song many a heart.


God bless You


Dear Smile Fm,


Enclosed is my check to cover the pledge I made.


Thank you for the wonderful format that your radio station follows.


Praising God is so important to hear not just on Sunday. What a boost to get through the week!


God's blessings always!






Dear Smile FM Crew,

I love your radio station so much!

It's all I ever listen to. I'm sorry I don't have any checks left, but I felt it on my heart to give anyway. God bless your ministry.


In Him,

Aylin K

 Dear Smile FM,


Each day on my hour drive to and from work I listen to your radio station. It has been a blessing, and I actually look forward to my drive because I have a full hour of interrupted time to sing my lungs out for God.


There are times throughout my work day that I find myself humming the songs and that helps me to keep Jesus close to my heart.


The music you are playing dedicated to playing has helped me through the difficulties of starting a new job and many everyday trials I face.


Thank you for playing music that is not only encouraging to me, but also praises our Creator.


I thank God for the talents He has blessed you with and pray that He will continually bless your ministry!


Keep up the good work!


In Christ,

Deborah M

104.9 Listener



Dear Smile FM,


Thank you for having the Veggie Tales contest J  I enjoyed singing at the concert very much. J  My family listens only to Smile FM.


Mary  J



Dear Smile FM

My husband & I love Smile fm at 88.1 and listen every day for many hours. It is time that we start supporting Smile fm.



Dear Smile FM

Have been blessed by your outreach as well as other family members . Real peace only through Christ Jesus  marv


Dear Smile FM

Keep up the awesome work. GOD Bless!


Dear Smile FM

Thank you for bringing God's music into my family's life.

God Bless,
Larry M



Dear Smile FM

Thank you for bringing great music to lift us up
I Thank God that he works through you all


Dear Smile FM

Thank you! We so enjoy the lalala


Dear Smile FM

Thank you for all of the great songs.  They inspire me each & every day


Dear Smile FM

Hi I am in need of prayer and maybe to announce that my sister Randa Jawhari has been missing from her Fenton apt since 2-10 and the police don't have any clues on her disappearance. I want to have hope she is still alive and will come back but my mind keeps playing tricks on me. The reward for any information on her safe return is $6,000. I will honor my pledge every month but not on a specific day. Thank you for your prayers I love smile Fm


Dear Smile FM

Thanks for the good music


Dear Smile FM

I have spent many pleasurable hours listening to Smile FM streaming live and praising God. God bless you and keep up the great work, I appreciate it very much.


Dear Smile FM

Thanks for you ministry!


Dear Smile FM

This is my tithe, I will continue as a power partner at the least and more if I can in tithes.  You all continue to bless lives, at a time when the world and its media seem to want to drain us of joy and hope, you help us remember God's plan is always perfect and His timing is as well.  God is not bound by the world economy!  He uses your good work to remind us of that and that real joy and hope belongs in Him not in this world.  Thank you.


Dear Smile FM

Thank you!  I love your station.  I listen to it in my car and online at work!  It helps get me through the day and fills me with positive encouragement.


Dear Smile FM



Dear Smile FM

I listen to SmileFm on line while at work, I LOVE it.  Thank you, David


Dear Smile FM

May God continue to Bless you for all your good works!


Dear Smile FM

We have been listeners since 2002. Your positive Christian music helped us keep a positive outlook through two reconstructive jaw surgeries. It helped us rebuild our marriage and develope a closer relationship with Christ.  Now I am a full time pastor, serving at Eastwood United Methodist in Flint. Your stations encourage us everyday and we are so glad you're a part of our lives. We are truly blessed by you. In Christian Love, Carl and Jenny Cooke


Dear Smile FM

Our family LOVES this station! We listen to it in the car and at home all the time. God's blessings to everyone at SMILE FM!!

Dear Smile FM

I love listening to SMILE FM!!  :)


Dear Smile FM

Enjoy your on-line programming


Dear Smile FM

I wanted to make sure that you knew that my husband & I will continue to support your ministry by being power partners. We have been thru so much together but God's word and promise and SmileFM have kept us together. Blessings to all
In Jesus name. Rick and Lori