Problem Spotter

Can you hear me now? Oh No, RUTRO!

Please use this form for current signal RECEPTION issues ONLY!!!! (Off-topic questions will not be responded to on this system.

Use email for all other questions or to ask about a PAST problem with reception:

Please let our tech team know if something is currently wrong with your local Smile FM station by completing the form below. The sooner we know, the faster we can get help on the way.

What station do you listen to?
88.1 Lansing
88.1 Lapeer
88.1 Monroe
88.3 Mid Michigan (Bay City, Midland, Gladwin)
88.3 Marquette
88.3 St. Clair Shores
88.3 Hart
88.5 Eagle
88.5 Gagetown
88.5 Monticello
88.7 Benton Harbor
88.9 Lake Orion
89.3 Gaylord /Traverse City / Petoskey
89.3 Harbor Beach
89.5 Riverview
89.7 Burton, Flint
89.7 Harrisville, Alpena
90.9 Belding, Grand Rapids
91.3 Good Hart / Petoskey
91.5 Soo
91.5 New Baltimore
96.3 Battle Creek
97.1 Traverse City
99.9 Grand Rapids
100.3 Kalamazoo
102.5 Muskegon
103.9 Metro Detroit
104.9 Cadillac
105.5 West Branch
107.7 Manistee
What kind of problem is the station having right now?? Please be as specific as possible!
Off the air - I can only hear static
Weak signal - Not coming in as good as it usually does
Hiccups - audio cutting in and out
Distortion - I can hear the station but the audio sounds distorted and funny
Dead Air - No local weather, long silence on the air
Other - Please describe below
What Time did you first notice the problem?
Have you noticed any severe weather or power outages in your area?








Thanks for becoming a Smile FM Problem Spotter. You, our listeners play an important role in keeping everything running smoothly. We do electronically monitor all of our stations, however if we have a power surge or power line failure it may damage our alerting equipment.

If it is during regular business hours, you can also phone us at 888-887-7139. If it is a serious emergency, please phone us at our emergency tech line 24/7 at 888-887-7139 ext 6. Off-the-Air Emergencies ONLY PLEASE!

If it turns out that the problem is not on our end, our tech team may be able to help you solve your issue. Be sure to see their suggestions for improving your reception!